Outlayman Wallet v0.5.0 and v0.5.1 released

Version 0.5.0 and 0.5.1 of Outlayman Wallet have been released for the web and Android devices. The latter being a bugfix release for issues with signing into the app.

The main feature in this release is the ability to transfer credits between wallets. This can be used to transfer credits between wallets of a single account. Furthermore it is possible to create ‘transaction requests’ as a URL or a QR code which can be given to other accounts in order to transfer credits into an owned wallet.

The Android version of this release now includes a dedicated QR code scanner accessible from the floating action button, so it is no longer necessary to install an external one. External scanners are still supported as well of course.

Finally, some bugs have been fixed. First the announcement service was broken in v0.4.0 due to the refactored authorization flow. This has been fixed. Second the way QR codes are rendered has been updated, which should resolve some of the issues people have run into.

Check it out online or download the latest version for Android. For instructions on installing the Android app, see the downloads section.