Privacy and Cookie Policy

This website and its related websites and applications (e.g. the Wallet website and the Wallet application) use cookies and unique device identifiers for their primary functional requirements as well as analytical purposes (e.g. for instance Google Analytics).

In addition they store the following information to provide wallet related services:

  • A unique identifier provided by the identity provider to which wallets are related,
  • The e-mail address provided by the identity provider upon registration,
  • The ‘name’ provided by the identity provider to identify the ‘credential’ to which wallets are linked,
  • Descriptions provided by end-users for accounts and wallets,
  • Transactions between end-users.

The identity provider in the cases mentioned above refers to the provider used to sign in to the Wallet application (e.g. Google).

Any personally identifiable information will not be shared with third parties without prior consent from the end-user or as required by law.

Continued use of this website and any related websites and applications is subject to this policy.

Updates to this privacy policy may be published at any time, but will be published at least two weeks before going into effect. Announcements with respect to these changes will be published to this website and may be send to end-users using other available means.

For more information or comments on this policy feel free to contact us as info@outlayman.com.