Outlayman Wallet v0.4.0 released

Version 0.4.0 of Outlayman Wallet has been released for the web and Android devices.

Most changes in this release are ‘under the hood’, but do have an effect on the overall experience when using the application. The release does not contain any new features. Still, upgrading to the latest version is, as always, advised.

Some highlights:

  • The authorization flow has been completely revamped, which fixes a number of issues including logging in on mobile (Android) browsers.
  • The profile view has had a minor makeover. The floating action buttons on wallets have been moved inline. These proved difficult to interact with on mobile devices.
  • Error feedback has been improved by using a single feedback mechanism. This makes it easier to show error messages occuring throughout the application in a common way and should help with diagnosing problems in the future.

Check it out online or download the latest version for Android. For instructions on installing the Android app, see the downloads section.